Angie’s Bio

Angie has filled many roles during her 11 years at Noorthoek Academy. She has served as the student representative for the Noorthoek Academy Board of Trustees and was also elected President of the Noorthoek Academy Student Leadership Club/ Aktion Club. Angie is the proud mother of a son who recently graduated from the University of Michigan. She works part-time in the food industry and volunteers at a homeless shelter. She is gifted in writing and can bring her readers on adventures far away, or just to a local nature sanctuary. A  project of hers during the pandemic was writing letters of encouragement to people who needed a little cheering up. She wrote over 100 letters and is motivated to keep going!

Angie’s Poetry

True Gifts

Every evening and morning
I witness the surreal beauty
of a sunset
or the rising of dawn.
I listen to the tender melodies of birds.

Hearing the contagious laughter
of a child
is uplifting to my spirit.
A smile like a beam of light
stretches across my face.

A bright rainbow appears
after a morning shower.
The colors revealed
are of a beauty
only nature can portray.

Raindrops of all different sizes
fall from the sky.
The wind blows the cold freezing hail.
I see the sky open
to a bright, beautiful sun.

Cherishing my “family of friends.”
Strands of love
strengthen and grow
covered by honesty,
with a heavy dusting of care.

A piece of paper and a pen
is an answer to a silent prayer,
tucked down in a lonely heart.
Written words bring a smile
and a ray of hope.

A stamp sends the note
far away
or close to home.
A beautiful reminder,
someone is thinking of you.

Until We Meet Again

I am drawn to the natural wonders
of this vast and vibrant country.
I am oblivious to the world around me.
I feel raw.
I smell the ocean air.

The gentle breeze cools my brow.
I look up in awe and wonder
viewing the vast mountains.
The valleys are rich and lush.
On my right, the waves softly crash
upon the shore,
trying to draw me in.
With tears of joy trickling down my cheeks,
I softly proclaim,
“No, not today,
very soon.”

I rest upon a large rock.
The sand buries my feet in its warmth.
From afar, I hear my name
being called.
I take one last long look
at the beauty that surrounds me.
Tears roll down my face.
Goodbye for now,
until we meet again.

Making a Difference

Joseph J. Noorthoek.
Your life’s work,
helping children thrive in life.
Discerning the greater need.
Grabbing hold of the lesson to care for others.
Never letting go,
running far and wide.

You followed your dreams,
allowing your passions to take shape
opening up a world of learning.

Years of taunting and ridicule,
feeling not understood.
You looked past my disability
seeing through my smile, my laughter,
and my tears.
You saw all of me.

Learning drew me away from my struggles.
Captured my imagination
of faraway places.

Today, I see your work alive
at a college that bears your name.
Your legacy is breathing new life
into hearts and minds.
Making a difference.
A living breathing hero to all learners.

Joe Noorthoek 1923-1993
A hero to all children!


Creeping closer and closer,
this vicious virus shakes me to the core.
I pray that this will soon go away and
that my boy will stay healthy and strong.
The news is bad and depressing,
never anything good.
I miss my family of people,
those loving bear hugs,
that awesome high five.
How many times can I sit
and watch another movie?
I grab the blue bucket of legos
and dream I’m on a spaceship
flying to a faraway place,
where there is no virus and
it’s safe to go wherever you want.
My house is too quiet.
I can hear the refrigerator running.
I wish the phone would ring.
I venture out once a day,
just to hear someone’s voice,
look at something different.
I listen to the birds chirping in the trees,
the geese quacking down the path.
The sun feels good
nourishing my thirsty soul.
A light breeze tickles
the sweat pellets on my neck.
I find myself walking now
with a spring to my step,
a smile on my face,
a song in my heart.
I laugh as my spirit lifts.
I return home energized.
Taking a moment to write a few letters,
sending prayers of good health and cheer.

Puddles of Effort

Dropping my backpack
I took a deep gulp of water
before plunging into the workout.
Ready or not,
I was doing it!
Sweat dripping down my face,
wanting to collapse on the floor.
But my new friends were
making me laugh.
Time started to go faster,
and then it was over.
“So worth it,” I thought,
as I crawled out of class,
puddles of sweat trailing
me out the door.