Allie’s Bio

Allie celebrates 12 years being a Noorthoek Academy student. She likes to learn new things each semester and especially enjoys the field trips. Allie’s hobbies include dancing, swimming, and listening to music. She loves cooking Mediterranean recipes. Allie is busy with her multiple jobs and volunteer positions.
She is a good friend and role model for others. Allie is proud of her volunteer work and having a healthy lifestyle. Her goal is to do more public speaking and advocacy work.

Allie’s Poetry

Hawaiian Winds

Relaxing on the beach,
my feet are buried in hot sand.
Salt drying on my skin.
Waves gently beating a rhythm,
calming me.
Hawaiian winds dance with my hair,
tickling my face.
All around me,
people are laughing,
having fun.
I feel peaceful.

A Peaceful Place

Florida is the Sunshine State.
I love the palm trees
and the beach.
Collecting shells at low tide.
Beautiful sunsets.
Listening to the waves
crashing into the beach
is peaceful
and quiet for me.


God gave me a beautiful life.
A gift of family, friends, and nature.
My family helps me,
cares for me.
Walking with my amazing friend
in nature,
is relaxing.
Pure enjoyment.

My Mom, My Hero

My mom is my hero.
She is my advocate,
helping me with my wants,
needs and dreams.
I love her so much.
She is the best mom ever,
the World’s Greatest Mom.

Missing You

Remembering my friends.
Missing their beautiful faces.
Wishing that I can be part of the world again.
Soon, I will see my friends at GRCC,
Noorthoek Academy.
Sandy, Donna, and students are
so dearly missed.