Alice’s Bio

Alice has been an active student of Noorthoek Academy for 8.5 years. She has taken advantage of all of the Noorthoek class options. Alice’s favorite food is pizza and lasagna and her favorite book is Wonder. She can be found wearing maize and blue while she supports the University of Michigan. Alice is gifted at photography and has a small business where she sells cards that feature her photos. She recently achieved her goal of living independently in her own apartment. Alice is proud that although she is short in stature, she can do anything that she puts her mind to!

Alice’s Poetry

Warm Beach Vibes

Palm trees dance in the wind,
waves crash noisily into shore.
Seagulls dive and mew,
searching for sandy scraps.
Orange dahlias compliment
a glowing yellow sun
glistening across the water.
Cool sand slips through my toes
as a refreshing breeze blows
winding paths through my hair.
The sun feels hot on my face,
burning and tingling.
As I sit on this Hawaiian beach,
I feel happy and calm,
peaceful and relaxed.
I think of my mom.
We like to do fun things together.
She is so nice and caring.
Helpful to others.
Always there when I need her.

A Good Life

Grand Rapids is a
fantastic place to live.
Nice people,
my volunteer job,
Grand Haven is nearby.
Glowing sunsets,
natural environments,
bright colored flowers and
countless butterflies.
I feel happy and proud
to live in beautiful
Grand Rapids.

Emerald Flats

A new adventure awaits
for myself, Lauren and Renee.
Excited and nervous about
moving into our own place,
making our own decisions,
living independently.
A community of young adults
hanging out together,
sharing meals and
New friends to
watch movies with,
exercise, play games.
A fresh chapter in our lives.

Small Acts

Smile at people.
Be kind to one another.
Buy someone’s coffee,
Pay for someone’s groceries.