Adam’s Bio

Adam celebrated 24 years as a Noorthoek Academy student this year and received an honorary degree from Grand Rapids Community College in 2021. He is proud to live independently and has held the same job at a local hospital for more than 20 years. Adam enjoys spending time with his family, including his 6 nephews and one niece. His favorite food is pizza and he is a huge fan of the Kansas City Chiefs. Adam loves country music, especially Reba McEntire and Dolly Parton. He enjoys being physically active and has run in several 5 K events.

Adam’s Poetry

Warm Hawaiian Vibes

I hear lots of animals,
people playing volleyball,
wind blowing waves into shore.
Birds fly through the warm air.
I watch the sky as it goes from blue
to purple, red, yellow and orange.
The moon comes out and
shines on the waves.
My heart is full of happiness.

Happy Life

I have a beautiful family.
Happy to be independent,
and have my own house.
Our dog Piper comes to visit.
Cindy and Bill are great parents.
I love everyone in my life.
They care a lot about me.


Cloudy days make me
tired and sleepy.
Winter is very cold.
The sun makes me
awake and warm.
It makes me happy.
Summer is very hot.

Careful! It's Catchy!

My smile makes others smile.
I am kind to all people and
try to help when I can.
Spreading joy with my smile
is my superpower.

Step by Step

My goal at twenty was
to live on my own.
The first step was to
live downstairs at
my parents’ home.
Then I found a friend
to be a roommate,
bought a house and
moved in.

I liked living independently.
Then Covid started and
everything was different.
I was afraid of the virus
and sad to be alone.
I moved back into
my parents’ home.

Now my goal is to
return to my house.
On my days off
I hang out there
and check things out.
Soon I will spend a night
and then some more.
When I am ready
I’ll move back.
Step by step.

Piper Makes Me Happy

Piper is my favorite dog.
I take him on long walks,
and play frisbee and ball with him.
He is a loving dog.
giving me lots of kisses.
Walking him makes me feel better.
Piper is very soft and warm.
When I go over to my mom’s house,
Piper is always happy to see me.