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Noorthoek Academy relies on volunteers, people just like you, to help us serve our many students.


Classroom Mentors: Volunteers who connect with Noorthoek Academy students on weekly basis by tutoring them in their classroom.  A Classroom mentor provides support for the Noorthoek student with their Computer, Creative Writing or other skill-based class.

GRCC In-Class Mentors: Volunteers who support a Noorthoek Academy students in a Continuing Education or GRCC Class. They provide in class support by helping the student participate in class.  They also help with the communication between the Noorthoek student, the professor and the instructor.

Event Mentors: Volunteers who assist students attend a Noorthoek event who otherwise would not be able to come. Examples of events: Student Holiday Party on a Saturday in Mid December, Big Step Walk in April and Celebration in May.

Social Mentors: Community volunteers who choose to pursue an intentional relationship with students at Noorthoek Academy. We help the social mentor and the Noorthoek student connect. Social mentors can give as much or as little to the relationship as they want, just as any other friendship. The content of the time spent together can be planned by the mentor, or it can be fostered by Noorthoek Academy. Also, in occasions where Noorthoek needs a mentor for a particular situation it may contact its list of social mentors to help out.

Individual Project Mentor: Work directly with a student who has a specific project that s/he aspires to. For example someone who wants to write a book about his/her life.

If you are interested in mentoring with the Noorthoek Academy program please complete the following application and email it to


Big Step Walk • Sat. April 27, 2019 • 9 am – 12 pm

There are many ways to help for groups and/or individuals.

• If you are interested in helping plan the event you can join the FRIENDS Committee. This fun group meets on the second Monday every other month from 12-1 pm in Sept., Nov., Jan., March, and May 1st.

• If you are interested in helping in a group, gather your volunteer team to setup (7:30-9 am), and/or cleanup (12-1 pm), assist the registration, raffle and and/or sales table (8:30 am – 12 pm), walk and gather pledges (10 am-12pm), Cheer on the walkers (10 am – 12 pm), or Organize a Wellness Activity Station (9:30 am-11 pm)

Can’t wait to hear from you! Contact Mary Ruth at



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