Welcome to Noorthoek Academy, a non-profit organization that provides an affordable college experience, offering continuing education in the arts and sciences for adults with learning challenges and other intellectual disabilities in partnership with Grand Rapids Community College.

The Academy is designed for students who want to expand their knowledge and enrich their lives by learning more about the world around them. We provide many opportunities for self-expression and development of creative talents. We explore the natural sciences, history, literature, drama and current events using a dynamic, hands on approach. Being on a college campus and integrating into the mainstream, students have the opportunity to increase their self-confidence and independence while making friends in an atmosphere of mutual respect and encouragement.

Noorthoek Academy was founded in 1989 by a group of concerned parents to fill a gap in the community for special education after high school. With the help of a number of special education professionals, a partnership program was formed with Grand Rapids Community College. Today, the Academy is able to offer weekly classes on campus  and all of GRCC’s student privileges.

To learn more about Noorthoek Academy we invite you to contact us, signup for e-news, join our on-line community, and add this website to your favorites list. We look forward to learning about you and your interests.