Creeping closer and closer,
this vicious virus shakes me to the core.
I pray that this will soon go away and
that my boy will stay healthy and strong.
The news is bad and depressing,
never anything good. 
I miss my family of people,
those loving bear hugs,
that awesome high five.
How many times can I sit
and watch another movie?
I grab the blue bucket of legos
and dream I’m on a spaceship
flying to a faraway place,
where there is no virus and
it’s safe to go wherever you want.
My house is too quiet.
I can hear the refrigerator running.
I wish the phone would ring.
I venture out once a day,
just to hear someone’s voice,
look at something different.
I listen to the birds chirping in the trees,
the geese quacking down the path.
The sun feels good
nourishing my thirsty soul.
A light breeze tickles 
the sweat pellets on my neck.
I find myself walking now
with a spring to my step,
a smile on my face,
a song in my heart.
I laugh as my spirit lifts.
I return home energized.
Taking a moment to write a few letters,
sending prayers of good health and cheer.

by Angie P

Angie has filled many roles at Noorthoek Academy. She has served as the student representative for the Noorthoek Academy Board of Trustees and was also elected President of the Noorthoek Academy Student Leadership Club/ Aktion Club. Angie is the proud mother of a son who attends the University of Michigan. She works part time in the food industry and volunteers at a homeless shelter. She is gifted in writing and can bring her readers on adventures far away, or just to a local nature sanctuary. A current project of hers is writing letters of encouragement to people who need a little cheering up. She has written over 50 letters and is motivated to keep going!

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