Soul at Peace

If I were a carnivore,
I would be a frog.
Hopping toward 
the rhythm of croaks
lining the river’s edge.
Adding my own ribbit
to the chorus of
many scattered frogs.
Jumping from lily pad
to lily pad until I find
the perfect one.
Hungrily unrolling a
long, sticky tongue,
feasting on the juicy bugs
that get too close.
My stomach is satisfied,
my soul at peace.

by Janice K

Janice has been a student at Noorthoek Academy for over 7 years. She enjoys spending time with other students in class. Janice has been an avid cross stitch artist since she was a teen. She has done many intricate projects and enjoys using this gift to brighten the lives of people around her. Janice also enjoys her hobby of collecting frogs.

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