Rosie and Bella

Rosie and Bella are friends.
Rosie likes her bed.
Bella likes to look out the window.
Rosie is a dog.
Bella is a cat.
I like to take Rosie for walks.
I like to pet Bella’s soft fur.
Rosie is the nicest dog….
Bella isn’t nice sometimes.
Rosie and Bella sleep with my mom.
I just love them so much!

by Samantha S.

Samantha has been a student at Noorthoek Academy for 4 years. She appreciates that she gets to learn new information every semester. Samantha enjoys coloring, reading, and listening to Josh Groban. Her favorite foods are tacos and bratwurst. Samantha has a cat named Bella and a dog named Rosie. She is proud of her volunteer work and has a goal to live independently. Sam has an incredible memory and has been called a “walking GPS.”

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