Pure Happiness

Dad’s jokes in the car make me smile
when we drive home from the Medical Mile.

I feel ecstatic when they cheer from the stands,
jumping up and down and clapping their hands.

Butterflies in my stomach when he comes close,
unless he ate onions, because that smells gross.

Sweet kitty purring as she sleeps,
happy dreams of pounces and leaps.

Gift time with friends brings joy.
We can have fun without boys!

Love can be many different things,
because of the pure happiness it brings.

by Claudia (CJ) VS

CJ is an athlete for Special Olympics and enjoys playing basketball, spending time with friends, and working out. She works full time at a hospital in Grand Rapids assisting with surgical patients. CJ has been a student of Noorthoek Academy for 2 years and likes to meet new people and learn about new ideas. CJ has a goal to live independently. She was recently chosen to represent Michigan athletes on a campaign to raise money for the new Special Olympics facility in Grand Rapids. She is proud to say that she never gives up!

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