Puddles of Effort

Dropping my backpack
I took a deep gulp of water
before plunging into the workout.
Ready or not,
I was doing it!
Sweat dripping down my face,
wanting to collapse on the floor.
But my new friends were
making me laugh.
Time started to go faster, 
and then it was over.
“So worth it,” I thought,
as I crawled out of class,
puddles of sweat trailing
me out the door.

by Angie P

Angie has filled many roles at Noorthoek Academy. She has served as the student representative for the Noorthoek Academy Board of Trustees and was also elected President of the Noorthoek Academy Student Leadership Club/ Aktion Club. Angie is the proud mother of a son who attends the University of Michigan. She works part time in the food industry and volunteers at a homeless shelter. She is gifted in writing and can bring her readers on adventures far away, or just to a local nature sanctuary. A current project of hers is writing letters of encouragement to people who need a little cheering up. She has written over 50 letters and is motivated to keep going!

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