Piper Makes Me Happy

Piper is my favorite dog.
I take him on long walks,
and play frisbee and ball with him.
He is a loving dog.
giving me lots of kisses.
Walking him makes me feel better.
Piper is very soft and warm.
When I go over to my mom’s house,
Piper is always happy to see me.

by Adam Z.

Adam celebrated 21 years as a Noorthoek Academy student this year. He is proud to live independently and has held the same job at a local hospital for the last 20 years. Adam enjoys spending time with his family, including his 6 nephews and one niece. His favorite food is pizza and he is a huge fan of the Kansas City Chiefs. Adam loves country music, especially Reba McEntyre and Dolly Parton. He enjoys being physically active and has run in several 5 K events.

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