No Limitations

Lifelong challenges,
struggles with emotional
and physical difficulties.
Thoughts about an apartment,
living with roommates,
trying to get a job.
Then I found Noorthoek.
Each semester an incredible
journey of learning.
Meeting new students,
enjoying the warm
comfort of old friends.
Instructors and sponsors
join with loved ones to
support and encourage.
Teaching us all that
there are no limitations.

by Heather S

Heather has been a student of Noorthoek Academy for 6 years. She especially enjoys learning about different topics each semester and writing poetry. She has a goal to write a poetry book for her nieces and nephew. Heather loves to read books by Danielle Steele and listen to music by Taylor Swift. She is gifted at making jewelry. Heather volunteers part time at a nursing facility. She enjoys riding her bike and spending time with her family. Heather is proud of the independence that she has obtained.

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