My Grandpa

I remember the day
my grandpa passed away.
There is no greater love
than the love
that I had for him.
I remember all the great talks we shared.
There is no one more understanding
than a grandparent.
I remember the laughs we shared.
There is no better grandparent
than my grandpa.

by Sonia P.

Sonia has been a student at Noorthoek Academy for 2 years. She also serves on the Noorthoek Academy Aktion Club/ Student Leadership Club. Her favorite thing about Noorthoek Academy is learning new things each week and making friendships along the way. Sonia enjoys doing diamond art painting and watching movies and tv shows. She has a cat named Poppi and loves to eat spicy food. Sonia has a personal life goal to always share love and compassion toward others.

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