I Have a Plan for You

A day like any other.
Plans to run errands,
enjoy the afternoon.
Then the phone rang, 
Dad’s words echoed in my ear.
“They are gone.”
Time stood still.
My heart seemed to stop,
my legs felt weak,
my world crashed down.
Two of my favorite people,
my uncle and cousin,
were gone.
My emotions tossed me about.
First sadness, then anger.
I wanted to blame, 
to yell at the world.
Until one day God spoke to me.
He had a plan for them.
He unfolded their lives and
was ready to take them home.
He ended their suffering
and brought them peace.
He then told me 
about His plan for me.
“It’s time for you
to have peace again.
They are with me. 
One day you will understand.
Trust me.”

by Maria P

Maria has been a student of Noorthoek Academy for 11 years. She was born in Colombia and adopted by a family in Grand Rapids. Maria enjoys the outdoors, shopping, playing cards, watching movies, and listening to her favorite artist, Michael W. Smith. Her church and spiritual life is important to her. She has a dog named Mango and a cat named Tinker. Her favorite flower is a sunflower. Maria works part time in Grand Rapids, but her dream job is to work at a blood bank.

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