Friends are Special

Friends are special,
all unique in their own way.
Being different from each other is good.
Friends are glad to share their stories
and their feelings.
Friends are there
when you need someone to love.
Friends are there to play games 
and watch movies.
Friends are there to stay connected
through emails and phone calls.
Friends are there to talk and listen.
Friends are always grateful to have each other
during any time of their lives.

by Heather S

Heather has been a student of Noorthoek Academy for 6 years. She especially enjoys learning about different topics each semester and writing poetry. She has a goal to write a poetry book for her nieces and nephew. Heather loves to read books by Danielle Steele and listen to music by Taylor Swift. She is gifted at making jewelry. Heather volunteers part time at a nursing facility. She enjoys riding her bike and spending time with her family. Heather is proud of the independence that she has obtained.

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