Born to Blossom

“Institutionalize her,” advised the doctor.
My parents knew better, loved me,
gave me roots.
I blossom…
At school, in Special Ed,
the “normal” kids teased me.
It hurt but I knew they were wrong.
I blossom…
My parents separated and divorced.
I felt sad and afraid, but
the fighting was done.
I blossom…
I joined the Humane Society
volunteering with the cats.
The staff praise me, thank me
for my loving care, for my notes
on the cats’ behaviors.
I blossom…

by Cathy Marie L.

Cathy has been a proud student of Noorthoek Academy for 18 years and currently serves as the Secretary of the Aktion Club/ Student Leadership Club. She loves being a part of the GRCC community and being able to gain new knowledge every semester. Cathy has her own business making greeting cards and enjoys reading Christian magazines. She also volunteers at a local animal shelter where she is known as the “cat whisperer” and takes great care in socializing cats that are up for adoption. Her favorite food is Pizza Hut pizza and she is a fan of the Chicago Bears. Cathy’s warm and welcoming personality makes her a great friend to all. She is proud to be a Noorthoek Academy student and sister to her recently found half sister and half brother.

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