Black Pearl

A long drive on a sunny, cool day
led to a trailer home in Belding.
Stepping around the muddy ground,
we carefully made our way to the door.
Inside, wonderful puppy noises.
We picked up a furry little bundle,
she smelled of puppy chow and
covered us with wet kisses.
Wrapping her in a soft, warm blanket,
We brought her home.
Black Pearl.

by Nick P

Nick has attended Noorthoek Academy for over 3 years. He is a Special Olympics athlete who also likes to watch movies. Nick enjoys watching Michigan State University football. He has a one-year old black lab named Pearl. Nick is proud to have held the same part time job for 6 years. His favorite foods are Chinese and Japanese. He is a fan of the Manga the One series of Japanese comic books. Nick is excited to move into his own apartment in Grand Haven soon!

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