A Smile Warms the Soul

Smiley Kylee is what I’m often called.
People smile, others sometimes applaud.
The great thing about a smile,
it never goes out of style.
A smile is kind and it warms the soul,
makes you feel completely whole.
I can hear a giggle behind each one,
and know that person is having fun.
A smile will brighten everyone’s day.
So what do you say, let’s make a way
to smile with all we’re worth,
bringing joy to our entire earth!

by Kylee V

Kylee has been a student at Noorthoek Academy for 8 years. She enjoys praising God, eating cheeseburgers, cheering on the University of Michigan, and doing research. She is an actress who has appeared in several Penguin Project productions. Kylee loves spending time with her extended family, including her sister, Nana, and dog, Allie.

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