Donor Recognition

The students of Noorthoek Academy join us in recognizing and thanking our valued donors at every level. Your interest and generosity have enriched the lives and improved the outcomes of the individuals we serve. (January-December 2018)

A special thank you to Grand Rapids Community College for their generous partnership! They provide the valuable use of classroom space, labs, support services and other resources.

Gifts to the Noorthoek Academy Endowment Fund

The Samuel L. Westerman Foundation

Benefactors (10,000+)

The Wege Foundation

Patrons (5,000+)

The Peter C. & Emajean Cook Foundation

The Sebastian Foundation

The Samuel L. Westerman Foundation


Partners (1,000+)

Mary and Carter Bacon

Discount Home Improvement

Jeffrey and Sheila Frank

Earl Irwin

Kiwanis Grand Rapids North

John and Deloris Leppink

Marketing Tools, Inc.

Old National Bank

Venture Source, Inc.


Contributors (500+)

City Wide Property Management

Chappell/Pommer Family

Richard and Gay Cole

James and Mary Dice

James and Megan Doss

Grand Rapids Community College

Tom and Mickie Fox Family

Bill and Claudia Hardy

David and Leslie Hooker

Win and Kyle Irwin

Loren and Marsha Katerberg

Mary Loupee

Marlene VandenBos


Supporters (250+)

Leslie Bellavance

Jeanne Bentley

William Boorstein

Michelle Cassens

Wes and Tina Emert

Jude Gemmen

Hungerford Nichols CPAs & Advisors

Tina Hoxie

Loren and Marsha Katerberg

Deloris Leppink

Jeff Light

Northfield Lanes

Cy, Sharon, and Alison Moore

Juan and Mary Olivarez

Steven and Molly Parker

Christine Pigorsh

Pinnacle Wealth Advisors, LLC

Bruce Taylor

Patricia Trepkowski

Dane and Jan Ver Merris

Suzanne Wilcox

Betty Williams

William and Cindy Zimdar

Zimdar Properties


Friends (up to $249)

Dan and Noreen Beemer

Linda Bengston

Anne Benson

David & Julie Bernstein

John Bigairi

Barbara Bol

Joseph and Mary Boland

Marcia Boot

Nancy and Timothy Bosma

David and Carol Boulter

Candice Bouwkamp

Molly Bradshaw

Tommy Brann

B&L Brown

Bruce Brown

Derrick and Katie Brown

Mary Brzozowski

David Bulkowski and Melissa Budzynski

Cynthia R Lanning Burch

David and Sara Buttrick

Marcia Carbines

Dawn Carbines

Denise and Jim  Carlson

Deanne Casanova

Amanda Chamberlain

Sue Chapla

Linda Chertos

John and Holly  Cole

Donald and Doretta Coon

Edward and Elizabeth G. Crouch

Kyle Cutler

Darlene and Leslie Cutter

Andy and Pam Daugavietis

John DeMaar

Pat DenBesten

Bonnie DeRooy

Judith and David Devlin

Karen Devos

Heidi DeVries

Anne Domanski

Donald & Rosemary Downer

Conor Dugan

Elizabeth Early

Dennis M.  Echelbarger

Brenda and Charles Ely

Mitchelle and Nadine Farran

John and Donna Fisher

Mary Flikkema

Bill and Laurie Foster

William French

Mary and Edward Geskus

Lori and Thomas Gibbons

Elizabeth Gibbs

Marjorie B. Goebel

Jacob and Lynn Goldberg

Richard and Carla Grant

Morgan Greeve

Mary Greve

Chris and Pam Groom

Janet Haan

Boyd and Joyce  Halstead

Jessica Hannink

Bill and Clova Hardiman

Mark Harp

Kenneth and Susannah Hart

Natalie Hart

Brian Haskin

Paul and Margaret Haviland

Naomi Hein

Brian Hess

Mary Higgs

Robert and Jean Hitchcock, Jr.

Scott Hodges

Jane Hofmeyer

David and Susan Hojnacki

Sue Hood and Anne Vick

Bob and  Judy Hooker

Gerald and Leeann Hough

Lucy Hough-Waite

Barbara Hufford

Trudi Ippel

Charles  Ippel

Doyle James

Jodi Jeltema

Mary Johnson

Richard and Carol Jones

Paul and Carol Jorgensen

Susan Judd

Rev. Carl and Jean Kammeraad

Sue Kerbel

Ellen and Roger Kieras

Judith E. King

Maureen Kirkwood

Andrea Knoor

Philip Koetje

Carol Korreck

James and Claudia Koslosky

Douglas and Lois Kriscunas

Thomas and Rita Laberteaux

Julie and Remos Lenio

Jacquelyne and John Leppink

Albert and Shirley Lewis

Betty and Tim Lewkowski

Camille Lieffers

Michael and Colleen Linder

Roland and Polly Lindh

Dan and Laurie  Lisuk

Richard & Peggy Love

Richard Malmyga

Lawrence and Shirley Manning

Shirley and Dan Manullang

Christine Marcy

Shelley  Marinus

Eugene and Ann Mason

Clara May Mathews

Michael and Sandra Matusak

Cherie and Patrick McCarthy

Mary Ann McDonald

Rebecca McIntyre

Jan McKinnon

Steve & Barb Meekhof

Arthur and Billie Meier

Micaela Merryweather

Greg and Jennifer Metz

Stacy and Bradley Meulenberg

Jason and Kate  Meyer

Randal and Lynae Meyers

Stephanie and Joe Milanowski

Anita Milmeister

Janet and Michael Mitchell

Maggie Moerdyke

Bob Sadowski and Mary Morris

Terri Mulligan

Michael Murphy

Margaret A. Murphy

Gordon and Barbara Nauta

Patricia and Gary Nederveld

Joe and June Nelson

Sheryl and Gerald Nelson

Jennie Neusiis

Patrick  Newcombe

Lucas and Sandra Nieuwenhuis

Ronald and Marlene Oele

Sr. Mary Kay Oosdyke

Barbara Osburn

Gregory Osmun

Hal and Amy Ostrow

Donald and Judy Otten

Deanne and Ronald Perry

Timothy and Pamela Pietryga

Mildred Pinder

Lynn Pokora

Bob and Jackie Pokora

John and Karen Pokora

Denise Pokora

Angel Price

Karen Price

Quality Choice

Lester & Carol Quillin

Nicole Ratinaud

Kyle Retan

Todd and Susan Reutelshofer

Susan Roentz

Marilee Roukema

Randy Russo

Thad and Heather Salter

Judy and Buck Saunders

Ryan Schreiber

Mary Hodsdon Sherman

Fred and Stacy Shorey

Bruce and Michelle Short

Ann and Lou Sica

Jim and Sheryl Siegel

Eileen Simmons

Brent and Diane Slay

Teri Smalley

Cynthia J Smith

Gerri and Doug  Smith

Edward and Ann Smith

Julia Smith

Karen and Scott Sovereign

L Stewart

Richard and Debra Stinehart

Leonard Stormzand

Dorane and Terri Strouse

Diane Strouse

Mary Swanson

June Swanson

Robert and Janice Swanson

Donald  Swanson

Suzanne and Pamela Swanson

Jerry Swett, CPA

Joseph Symonds

Gerald and Frances Syrba

Michael and Kristen Sytsma

John and Elizabeth Tanja

Barbara Taylor

Willie Taylor

Carol R. Terhaar

Linda Thompson

Kim Thompson

LInk and Mary Lou Throop

Josha and Lindsey Tilley

Rosemary Anne Toole

Patricia Trathen

Karen Traux

Pam Trommater

Corey Turner

Kendra Valkema

Brett and Lyn Van Tol

Cornelius and Trudi Van Tol

Adelyn   Van Tol

James and Alyce Vande Lune

David and Margaret VandeKopple

David and Margaret VandeKopple

Susan and Stephen Vankooten

Kim Vanness

Jen VanSkiver

Mindy Veeser

Mitchell Veldkamp

Sue Verwys

Bruce and Donna Warber

Ken and Carol Warners

Kristi Welling

Margaret Wieland

John and Carroll Wiener

Amanda Williams

Wendy Wilterink

James & Mary Winkle

Charles and Judy Winslow

Kay Wood

Wendy Wooden

Gregory and Sarah Yoder

Karen Zalsman

Zhiyuan (Steve) Zhu

Olivia Zienert

Travis Zimdar

Linda Zizos