Winter semester 2017 has Noorthoek Academy students investigating the solar system and space exploration. We are excited to learn about the vast world in which we live. Our approach is intended to give students the feel of visiting without actually leaving the classroom. The goal for this semester is for students to be astronomers and astronauts and continue to expand their knowledge of the world that we live in.

The planets, stars, meteors, black holes, annd the possibilities of exploring Mars are all topics that are being discussed. Learning about our universe is intriguing because astronomers are making new discoveries every day. Students are engaging in a variety of techniques to learn about our fascinating solar system including using Oreo cookies to demonstrate the phases of the moon. Seeing a lunar eclipse, talking about a supermassive black hole that has been recently discovered, and a possible colonization of Mars are all highlights of the semester. The history and future of space exploration is an important component to this unit. A field trip to the Grand Rapids Public Museum’s planetarium will serve to reinforce some of the concepts that are being presented.

As always, Noorthoek Academy students are writing beautiful poetry to reflect the material that is being learned.