Fall semester 2017 is offering Noorthoek students five Art and Science classes investigating Native American People of Michigan and one new pilot Computer class to increase knowledge of how to use the computer and assist them in life long learning!

In Arts and Science 100 we are excited to explore the rich cultures of the Native American tribes that call Michigan home. We will explore the history and contributions of tribes like the Ottawa, Chippewa, and Potawatomi. The goal is for students to learn a deep respect and awareness for the native people of Michigan. Students will engage in the art, music, and food of these tribes. Guest speakers will be invited to share cultural traditions and experiences. This is a great opportunity to expand our understanding of our region.

In Computer 100 we will explore the on-line resource www.21things4students to improve their knowledge of technology. This class is self guided with instructor support so students can work at their own pace. Students will work through “quests” to complete each unit. Some students will spend more time learning the basics such as using a mouse and keyboard, uploading and downloading, creating simple documents, as well as an introduction to social media. Other students will rapidly work through the quests and then be introduced to spreadsheets, presentations, digital editing, and even coding/ game design. An important concept will be internet safety.