Enrollment – Apply

The following information is for NEW student applications for admission. Winter class registration is in progress.  We advise to apply ASAP to guarantee first class time choices.

Required form: Coming Soon

To apply – For Parents/Caregivers

  1. Potential student or representative makes initial inquiry through phone, e-mail, or mail.
  2. Director of Education, Sandy Barraza, will contact you by phone to gather personal information such as past school experiences, educational successes and struggles, as well as student goals.
  3. Names of other contacts such as caseworkers, and former teachers are also requested. If appropriate, the Director of Education will attempt to contact these additional names in order to further assess the prospective student’s academic and social skills.
  4. All classes are presented online. We will invite qualified students to join a class to experience distance learning so that they may determine if that setting is right for them.
  5. If eligible, an initial application will be provided.
  6. Once admitted, registration for classes will need to be completed each semester.

To apply – For Students

  1. Contact Noorthoek Academy and express interest in being a student. Call Sandy at (616) 634-8352, send us an email or write a letter to Noorthoek Academy, Grand Rapids Community College, 143 Bostwick Ave. NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503-3295.
  2. Sandy, Director of Education will call and gather your information.
  3. If you are eligible, an application will be provided to complete.
  4. Once admitted, registration for classes will need to be completed each semester.


  1. You are 18 years old or older (there is no maximum age limit)
  2. You are able to read and write (exceptions for visual impairment)
  3. You are motivated to learn
  4. You have socially acceptable behavior
  5. You have successfully completed 4 years of high school


One class: $250 per semester is nonrefundable and due before start of the first class.

Two classes: If you are confirmed for an additional class, such as Computer 100 or Creative Writing 100, use the discounted rate of $100 to register for the second class for at $400.

Three classes: If you are confirmed for three classes, use the the discounted rate of $250 for $500.


Noorthoek Academy may be able to assist you with a financial need. It is our policy that only those students who are highly motivated and would otherwise be unable to attend will qualify for our limited scholarship funds. Decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.