Future Students

You can be part of campus life at Grand Rapids Community College. We explore the natural sciences, history, literature, drama and current events and learn about other countries and cultures-their geography, art, and music. Using a dynamic, hands approach we provide many opportunities for self-expression, development of creative talents and use of community resources. THINK COLLEGE!

Location and Schedule

Noorthoek Academy classes meet on GRCC’s campus for the Fall and Winter semesters. Currently there are five different class times for Art & Science 100, one            offering of Computer 100 class and a Student Leadership Club.


Computer 100, 11 am-12:30 pm ATC rm 215/213- 151 Fountain St NE

Art & Science 100, 1-3 pm, Cook rm 220-143 Bostwick Ave NE

Student Leadership Club, 3-4 pm, Cook rm 208


Art & Science 100 1-3 pm Cook rm 220.

Art & Science 100 4-6 pm Cook rm 220.


Art & Science 100, 1-3 pm Cook rm 220.


Art & Science 100, 10 am-12 pm Calkins Science Center rm 123- 226 Bostwick Ave NE

To Visit

If you are interested in scheduling a visit, please contact Sandy Barraza at sbarraza@grcc.edu to set up an appointment. We would love to meet you.

You can find a map of the GRCC campus here.

To Apply

Learn about our application process here.


To attend class you need to arrange your own transportation.                                      Transportation Resources:

Go Bus https://www.ridetherapid.org/additional-services/go-bus

The Rapid https://www.ridetherapid.org/

Hope Network https://hopenetwork.org/transportation-services/


  • Drop off and Pick up available at the light /Bostwick and Lyon where there is a pedestrian walkway. Drivers can pull in and quickly drop off/pick up their students. Cannot STAND or PARK here.
  • Parking Ramps – The Ransom and Bostwick/Lyon GRCC parking ramps allow you to park for free for 30 minutes. If you park for more than 30 minutes we also have parking vouchers available if you want to park and stay for the duration of class. These are available for $2 each.
  • We do have student directories available if you are looking to carpool or if you want to be able to contact another students. Ask for one in class.


  1. Use of GRCC snack bar, cafeteria, and parking lot
  2. Free admission to GRCC sports events
  3. Free admission to GRCC concerts and lectures
  4. Use of the Gerald R. Fieldhouse
  5. Use of GRCC student center
  6. Use of GRCC Learning Center (Library)
  7. Discounts in GRCC bookstore
  8. Discounts on many off-campus cultural events and museums
  9. Periodically, select students to be awarded a GRCC Honorary Associate of Arts Degree.