Current Students

Winter Semester Calendar

Art and Science 100 • Zoology

January 10-13                Introduction to Zoology- Animal Forms

January 17-20                Surviving in the Wild

January 24-27                Animal Behaviors: Intelligence and Social Abilities

January 31- Feb 3          Animal Communication

February 7-10                 Ecology/ Ecosystems

February 14-17               Traveling zoo from John Ball Zoo

February 21-24               Mammals and Birds

February 28-March3     Fish/ Reptiles/ Anthropods

March 7-10                   Spring Break- No Class

March 14-17                     Zookeepers/ Veterinarians

March 21-24                    Wildlife Researchers/ Conservation Workers

March 28-31                    The Strange, Weird, and Ugly

April 4-7                           Field Trip- Blandford Nature Center

April 11-14                        Open

April 18-21                       Wrap Up

April 21                             Big Step Walk

May 9                                Celebration

Computer 100

January 10 – April 18     Learn at your own pace each week

March 7    No class – Spring Break


NEW 2018 event dates

Saturday, April 21 Big Step Walk – 9 am Registration, 10 am Walk

Wednesday, May 9  Celebration – 7 pm


***Classes may be cancelled due to weather. Sandy will call and/or e-mail you in the event of a cancellation. Please feel free to call if you are unsure about if class will be in session.

Class Cancellation Guidelines

    1. If GRCC is closed, Noorthoek Academy is closed.
    2. Noorthoek Academy may close independently of GRCC. If so, by 9 am on W-Th-F and 8 am on Saturday an email will be sent.
    3. If you do not have an email address, you will receive a phone call by 10 am.
    4. If you do not hear from us, class should be in session. If still unsure call Sandy at 634-8352.



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