Meet Stacy Addis

An advocate in the community, Stacy volunteers at Disabilities Advocates’ Absolutely Accessible Kent Initiative and Michigan Developmental Disability Council. She also was a former participant in Toastmasters for 10 years. In 2019-2020 we are excited that she will serve as the Student Representative on Noorthoek Academy’s Board of Directors.

Born in Grand Rapids, she attended Kenosha and Northview High School. A favorite memory is the Senior all night party. She also graduated from Aquinas College with bachelors in psychology!  Stacy greatly enjoys the lifelong learning opportunities that Noorthoek Academy has to offer over the past 5 years because of the no pressure and affordable access that it provides. The classes introduce her to a variety of topics that inspire her. Academics are a favorite pastime.

Living independently in an apartment on the SW side, Stacy rides the go bus to get around town. She exercises regularly, makes freezer meals, and is an avid reader and writer. Noorthoek Academy friends are the best family…



Legend of the Tenrec 2018

The tiny approached the elephants.

He yelled in a wee voice,

“Hello cousins”

The elephants scoffed,

“Cousin? We could stomp on you and never notice!”

Embarrassed, the tenrec rolled into a ball,

The elephants kicked him away,

Much like a soccer ball.

When he finally stopped rolling,

He opened his eyes and saw hedgehogs!

They weren’t cousins

But they were like twins.

Tiny tenrec was too fluffy to be friends

With the hedgehogs.

That evening, in the shelter,

Tiny tenrec found zookeeper John’s hair gel.

He rubbed it all over his fuzzy self,

Making his soft fur

Stiff and spikey.

The next day, the elephants no longer wanted to stomp on him

His spiky fur would hurt their feet.

The hedgehogs were impressed.

“Wow, come on over.”

The tenrec had found his tribe.

Sometimes friends are the best family.