Meet Angie Phillips

Angie is inspiring to those around her and motivated to go
above and beyond. Last semester she initiated and coordinated a Noorthoek student food drive to contribute to the GRCC food pantry program drive. Outside her involvement in Noorthoek, she also seeks to help others by volunteering at other area non-profits while holding a job at the YMCA.

Angie has many interests including the outdoors. In the warmer months she enjoys biking and hiking on our area’s bountiful trails especially in Grand Haven. She serves as a caregiver for her father and lives with her son, Jake.

A longtime resident of Jenison, Angie graduated from Jenison High School. She has been a Noorthoek student for the past six years after her son encouraged her to do what she always wanted to by attending college. She thanks GRCC and Dr. Enders for the opportunity to attend class on the campus of GRCC. She feels blessed and wishes all students success for years to come. Angie’s 2016 poem “A Hero” expresses her gracious attitude.

When I look around at the world I live in,
I see heros everyday.
Men and women who pick themselves up
Minute by minute
to face another challenge.
Those who forge ahead with perseverance
and determination to keep on going
and learning.
I see a hero in the young man
With no word, but a beautiful grin
When he hears his name.
I see a hero in the face of a girl with a warm, bubbly hello,
and contagious smile, a mile long.
I hear a hero in the voice of one with an excited story to tell
And share with all.
A hero is the cherished loved one,
Or special friend
With a warm tender smile,
And a bear of a hug that says,
“I am proud of you”
wrapped in love.
These are the heros I see every day.